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    Corona Hard Seltzer

    We Launched Corona's New Seltzer By Tapping Into Tradition

    To make a splash in the crowded seltzer market, we had to think differently. Corona’s rich Mexican heritage, always imported beverages and bold flavors allowed us to play into unique summertime traditions.

    Paleta Carts

    We built over 30 paleta carts to serve as mobile, multi-touchpoint sampling and promotional vehicles. Not only were the carts brought into bars, but they also hit beaches, parks and city corners, giving consumers a refreshing taste of the flavors in the form of non-alcoholic paletas.

    Cocktail Book

    To coincide with Seltzer’s adaptability we created a cocktail book featuring classic recipes with a modern, carbonated twist. We focused on Corona’s premium qualities and Mexico’s rich color palette to create imagery that evoked the flavor of each cocktail.

    Hard Seltzer Hideout

    In the past few years we’ve seen experiences become table stakes for brands. Providing consumers with unique, memorable and interactive experiences that capture their attention IRL.

    The Hard Seltzer Hideout was created to immerse consumers in a sensorial experience where flavor is brought to life through touch, scent and interactive visuals inside of custom built shipping containers.

    The overall footprint was developed to represent Corona Masterbrand equities with the main containers being designed to look “washed a shore” leveraging Corona’s iconic tagline of “Find Your Beach”.

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    Architecting the rebrand of a Fortune 250 company.

    Aon is a global professional services company who specialize in providing risk, retirement and health solutions. Headquartered in London and listed on the NYSE, Aon is ranked as the largest insurance broker in the world based on revenue and has over $3.3 trillion in assets under advisement. Currently, Aon employs over 50,000 staff in 500 offices spread across 120 countries around the world.

    The Aon design and creative teams set out to update the company’s brand standards as part of a wider brand refresh. The challenge was how to align over 50,000 colleagues across the business and around the world with the new brand standards, production guidelines and artwork templates. The key was to make clear why the brand refresh had taken place, how the brand had evolved and the next steps on the journey to being ‘one united brand’.

    Aon Brand Matters was born as the new home for all of the refreshed Aon brand compliant content. Every different department within the business has access to Brand Matters via SSO and learned about the Aon story or educate themselves about the new brand standards. The Showcase module is where teams share their best work with colleagues globally so that it can be re-used in different markets.

    The Brand Matters site became the hub for everyone within the business, no matter the department, can learn about the brand and utilize the brand assets.

    • Strengthened brand compliance and consistency across the business
    • More focus on strategic tasks rather than constantly managing requests for content
    • Dramatic reduction in the number of requests by users asking for materials
    • Cost savings in terms of time both for the design and marketing team and remote colleagues
    • Solved the problem of sharing content between internal teams which were previously blocked by firewalls


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    Nifty Gateway

    Zhou Brothers Genesis NFT Collection: Shanghai Takes Flight

    ShanZuo and DaHuang’s thinking, aesthetic, and creativity are an interdependence of eastern and western philosophy, art, and literature. Their passion urged them to leave behind their success in China, where they were hailed as national heroes for the arts and move to a global stage. In 1986 the Zhou Brothers moved to Chicago and followed their spirit to change the art world. In 2004, the brothers opened the 87,000 square foot Zhou B Arts Center in Chicago, providing artist residencies for hundreds of artists over the years as well as hosting numerous large scale exhibitions as a commitment to developing Chicago’s art scene.

    The open edition focuses on the Zhou Brothers signature Spirit figures. Iterations of the spirit flicker across a painted, graphic backdrop. The abstract style merges China’s primitive art aesthetic – inspired by the ancient Huashan rock paintings – with the language of western art tradition. An established system of symbols express life’s passion and power, and successfully represent an eastern philosophy through a contemporary vision.

    Zhou Brothers Nifty Gateway 

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    Future Galerie Preview Event

    Launching in Chicago in 2022, Future Galerie is a world-class digital and IRL immersive art exhibition that explores how revolutionary creative technologies offer new possibilities for creating, collecting, and experiencing art.

    Through curated immersive art installations, educational programs, and collaborations with leading artists and marketplaces, it is the site of innovation, connection, and shared cultural experience at the forefront of contemporary art.

    Future Galerie 

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    Bringing the Fighting Spirit to the Forefront of Culture

    Less of a problem and more of a golden opportunity to strengthen relevance with their younger audience, we found an authentic way to place Modelo’s Fighting Spirit within the cultural happenings of ComplexCon.

    To celebrate the inaugural ComplexCon Chicago event, we brought Modelo, RSVP Gallery (a globally known streetwear shop) and Blind Barber (national barbershop/bar) together for the #RSVPbarbershop.

    The kickoff event joined local designers, artists, and musicians who all embodied the Fighting Spirit to create a collaborative experience. In front of the space, we hooked passerbys by passing out branded totes from the back of three Lamborghinis. Each kit included branded gold combs, Modelo Cocktail books, lighters, sneaker cleaner and t-shirts. When guests walked in, they were offered free haircuts from the Blind Barbers and custom nail art from the famous AstroWifey. In back, a hidden bar served exclusive Modelo cocktails surrounded by Chicago’s best DJs. The event attracted some of the top influencers in the country which created a social boom and solidified Modelo’s place in streetwear culture.

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    Corona Extra Ticket

    Creating New Beaches for Millenials

    When you’ve been the #1 import beer and category leader for decades, you run the risk of losing relevance amongst younger consumers. It was imperative for Corona to refresh their on-premise approach to create authentic connections with 21-28 year-olds.

    We reinvented the traditional bar program by swapping games and giveaways for socially and culturally relevant experiences that now have millennials genuinely excited to “find their beach.” By tapping into up-and-coming musicians from around the country we created Extra Ticket Live: a tour of intimate, live performances exclusively for Corona consumers. By creating a user-friendly CRM opt-in platform, Extra Ticket became a hub that seamlessly pulled all of Corona’s sports and entertainment programming into one space for consumers to explore. Instead of latching onto millennial experiences, Corona now creates them.

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    Wilson Tennis

    We Activated the #1 Product Launch in Wilson's 106–Year History

    Wilson created a revolutionary racquet with an unmatched combination of flexibility and stability, setting a new bar for the sport.

    To unveil the game-changing product, we launched a mobile testing tour and social lifestyle campaign, mixed with pro tennis player features that sparked a movement—connecting Wilson to the heartbeat of tennis players everywhere, catapulting the racquet to its place as the most successful launch in brand history.

    The Revolution Tour focused on the ethereal idea of everyone is creating a revolution of their own, no matter their field and craft – It’s as simple as fighting and pursuing your dreams.

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    Smithworks Vodka

    Smithworks Vodka: Blake Shelfton

    Smithworks Vodka is created in partnership with country music icon, Blake Shelton. In order to truly stand out amongst the blizzard of holiday POS, VAP and display we wanted to create a whole new way to drive holiday buzz and met with the brand and Blake’s team to propose an entirely new approach.

    Working with a world-class team of toy designers we created a life-like representation of Blake Shelton and introduced it as our take on the popular Elf On A Shelf holiday game, The Blake Shelf-ton Doll.

    We were able to go from idea to finished product in mere weeks, with the first prototype hand carried to NYC and delivered to Blake (as a surprise) live on the air on the Ellen Show. We followed with other appearances on The Kelly Clarkson show and serval late night talks spots.

    We created a further 20 dolls that Blake personally gifted to media, friends and influencers.

    Ellen Show 

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    The Forge Adventure Parks

    Brand Architecture & Guidelines

    The Forge Adventure Parks had a name and a plot of land. Now they needed an identity that resonated with their target audience and a marketing strategy that would bring that audience to the park.

    The Forge branding initiative kicked off with insights leading the way. Legacy’s Strategy Department developed personas and journey maps for prospects (both consumer and corporate), as well as key stakeholders (both internal and external). This was all accomplished using existing audience data as a base and adding new primary research. That information then guided the development of pre-plan launch tactics as well as the construction of communications and channel priorities. Legacy’s Creative Department then used the data to craft a brand identity, guidelines and marketing content to successfully launch the inaugural park in Lemont, IL with the vision to grow into a national, franchise-based model.

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    Bars and board games have a unique, recently embraced relationship. We created the first-of-its-kind branded board game experience, built around Pacifico’s heritage and history, a crash course in living life anchors up.

    The program is built around a racing-style board game for up to 5 players, in which consumers take a journey through mountains, skate bowls, and ocean waves to learn from three sports legends – Jamie Anderson, Jack Mitrani, and Rob Machado.

    In-bar POS drives consumers to buy a round, gather round, and play a round. We also created extensions including custom sports gear, and boxed games to take home as giveaways.

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    Jameson X Complex

    We Made A Divebar The Highlight of ComplexCon

    In partnership with Grammy award-winner Anderson .Paak, we helped Jameson authentically reach an entirely new audience at one of the most significant cultural events of the year.

    To grow awareness for Jameson’s neighborhood-centric campaign, we created the #MeetMeAtTheBar experience—a full dive bar buildout in the heart of ComplexCon. Attendees packed in to get their hands on a custom merch collaboration with The Good Company and Anderson .Paak himself came in to have a few cocktails and meet unsuspecting fans.

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    The Excursion Experience

    Following several years without a collective sales meeting, Knauf needed a benchmark event to rally and motivate their team from the associate level up.

    We planned and produced an excursion where 100 Knauf sales associates, marketing personnel and senior management members gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona, for four days of immersive programming and networking, a dive into the company’s brand refresh, new technology training, and motivational speaking sessions.

    Daily schedules were filled with a full range of inspiring activities, including hiking, sunrise yoga, cook-offs, inspirational keynotes, and offsite outings.

    The 2018 NSM was an indisputable success. 82% of attendees rated the meeting as Very Effective, with over half of attendees giving it a 10/10 score and 70% of the workshops receiving 5/5 stars.